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10 Mar

Online Dating Safety

Posted in: Dating Tips @ March 10th, 2009

Online Dating Safety

Hooking up online can be a beautiful thing. But you gotta be smart.

Online dating has shown that there are a few psychos out there and you certainly don’t want them to know where you live!

Whether you’re setting up a date online or over the phone, it’s important for both people to be on the same page. Talk about what you both expect to happen. This will avoid any misunderstandings later on.

While it’s tempting to go straight to someone’s home, it’s good idea to meet your date at a public place first. This way, you can get a sense of what the other person is like offline.

Also, you can make sure the other person really looks like their photos. Don’t rely on your hook-up for transportation on the first date. If things don’t work out, you could be screwed.

Find a way to get there and back, even if you have to take a bus or have a friend give you a lift.

The meeting doesn’t have to be long: just long enough to know that you’d feel safe to be alone with your date. If you meet for drinks, never leave your drink unattended – it could be tampered with. Have an exit plan prepared in the event that the date goes south.


24 Feb

The Perfect Profile Video Message

Posted in: Dating Tips @ February 24th, 2009

Recording your Video Dating Message

Online dating services offer a number of ways for you to let members know what you’re all about.

Of course, there’s your basic profile, in which you post photos and write essays about yourself. But in the world of online dating, where members have the opportunity to browse through thousands and thousands of profiles at a time, a basic profile just isn’t enough.

With so much competition out there, you have to find an edge to get noticed.


19 Feb

Things To Do During Webcam Chat

Posted in: Dating Tips, The Actual Date @ February 19th, 2009

Young Woman Video Chat

So you’re about to go one-on-one with an attractive girl on a webcam chat. What do you do…

  • Talk about the weather?
  • Ask about her family?
  • Ask about her work?

Hell, no!

Webcamming is your golden opportunity to turn a chatfest into some pretty hot and visual cybersex!!!

What you do and how you do it entirely depends on the situation. For example, it’ll be a lot easier to move to cybersex if you’re using an Adult Dating site like SexSearch or HornyMatches.

But for the moment, let’s say you’re not.


14 Feb

Online Dating Shortcuts

Posted in: Dating Tips @ February 14th, 2009

Woman on Online Dating Site

If you’re currently a member of an online dating site, you’re not alone. With dozens and dozens of sites out there, it’s translating into millions and millions of profiles.

With that in mind, how does one survive as a small fish in a little pond whether it’s sex or love that you’re looking for?

Well, if you know how to play the game right, you’ll start having much better results than the millions out there who don’t and then simply give up.


2 Feb

Be Funny with Online Women

Posted in: Dating Tips @ February 2nd, 2009

Laughing Woman Online

When women are asked what they’re looking for in a man, you’ll find that most of them say the same thing: a guy with a sense of humor, a guy who can make them laugh, etc.

Unfortunately for most guys, they take this meaning that if they act like a stand up, they’ll get laid. However, this can backfire.

If you come across as too funny, women may think of you as Carrot Top instead of Brad Pitt and put you in the “friends” category since you’re being a goofball. Being overly cheesy simply isn’t going to help you get any tail. Being “cleverly” funny without overdoing it is going to help you get laid.


31 Jan

How to Make a Woman Feel Attracted to You

Posted in: Dating Tips @ January 31st, 2009

She's Attracted to Him

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: you meet a girl for coffee. Things seem okay for a little while. But after maybe 15 or 20 minutes, you can just sense that the woman you’re sitting across from just isn’t that into you. She’s not really asking you questions, she’s looking around at other people, and yet….the more you can tell she’s not into you, the harder you try to make her like you.

Sound familiar?

It should. Most men have been on dates like this. I know I have and it’s frustrating as hell to be attracted to a girl who’s not into you, go home and jerk off to her image instead of tussling around with her in bed.

So what happened?


28 Jan

Tips for Your Online Dating Profile

Posted in: Dating Tips @ January 28th, 2009

A Female Profile over at SexSearch

With millions of online dating profiles online, the big question is, “How do I get others to notice mine?” The answer is to create a personal profile that really stands out.

So where does one begin?

The first steps in getting your profile noticed is creating a clever screen name and posting photos. Uploading photos is a very important step because most people will not look at profiles without photos.

Photos are the nucleus of your profile because that’s what people will want to see first, especially when it comes to women. With that in mind, post at least one headshot and a full-body shot. Look your best. The photos should also be current, clear, and focused solely on you. Confusing people with a group photo will probably make them want to move right on to the next profile.

A big no-no is passing off someone else’s photo as yours. You will only be wasting each other’s time once the other party discovers that you deceived them.


28 Jan

How to Write the ‘Perfect’ Introductory E-mail

Posted in: Dating Tips @ January 28th, 2009

Women Reading E-mail Together

Most guys just don’t get how to write a good online dating introductory email to a woman. Most think they can get away with cutting and pasting the same, “Hi, you seem interesting and it looks like we have a lot in common.” Odds are this approach will not get you a date, let alone a reply.

For starters, the perfect introductory email is short but sweet. Don’t write a long-winded note all about your life. Save your bio for the date.

As previously mentioned, don’t cut and paste the same generic introductory note to every person. You won’t get many responses back and you may even get a note back like, “Really, this is the best you can come up with?”

So what should you put in an introductory email?

Your introductory email should be something that “hooks the other person in.”

Here are some great sample openers:

“I see from your pic you like to dress up for Halloween as a she-devil. Tell me: are you just as evil in real life.”

“Hey, you totally remind me of… (reply back to find out).”

“You want a guy who’ll ‘do it’ for you? I can. But only if say the magic word.”

If you write brief yet edgy introductions like the ones above, your chances of getting a reply back with increase dramatically.

28 Jan

How to Tell if She Likes You

Posted in: Dating Tips @ January 28th, 2009

Does She Like You ?

Did you know you can often tell if a woman likes you based on her body language? It’s true! Check out some of these clues and see for yourself!

She gives you lots of eye contact (not looking around the room). Her pupils are dilated. She blinks more than usual, winks at you during conversation and/or flutters her eyebrows.

  • She’s smiling and laughing a lot with a relaxed look on her face.
  • She briefly touches any part of your upper body or her leg/knee/foot accidentally bumps into yours.
  • She plays with her hair – exposing her neck and ears – and afterwards directly looks at you.
  • She adjusts the tone of her voice to match yours, mimics your body language, and laughs with you in unison.
  • She leans forward when conversing with you.
  • She exposes her wrists and/or palms to you.
  • She fidgets with her clothing or something in her hands.
  • Her upper body’s facing you.
  • Her leg is crossed and rocking back and forth towards you.
  • Her legs are widened.
  • She says she’s having a great time speaking with you.
  • She makes a joke about how you guys should date or have sex.
  • She asks questions/shows interest in getting to know you.
  • She remembers things that you said.
  • She asks you to try something on her plate and feeds it to you.
28 Jan

How to Pick up Women in Bars

Posted in: Dating Tips @ January 28th, 2009

Group of Girls in a Bar

Bars offer a variety of women to hit on. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll end up leaving empty handed – settling for the usual jerk off.

First of all, you have to bear in mind that usually there are more men at bars then women – which doesn’t make picking up women easier.
With that in mind, your best chances of picking up women at bars are
during off-peak hours. Of course the problem with that – odds are the really hot chicks won’t be there…only the plain janes. Or worse, butter faces (she’s nice…oh, but her face!)

On the other hand, if you go during peak hours at a bar, then you’re vying for hot women’s attention along with all the other guys, who still outnumber women at the bar anyway.